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location based survey


Location Based Survey Engine.

An increasingly important requirement for any business or enterprise is to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of their customer’s satisfaction level.

Our Kogenta Location Based Survey Engine gives you the power to send push notifications to your customers whilst they are actively visiting your business.

Genuine Customer Feedback

Digital real-time location based surveys.

Your customers are asked to answer a customer survey. The content of the survey is configurable and enables you to capture the customers views in real time whilst they are actively engaged with your business. This way, you are gaining a truer picture of their experience whilst it is happening. The results will be highly relevant, as surveys conducted in real time have been shown to deliver more honest responses.

Customers generally prefer this approach to surveys as it is less intrusive and will not be influenced by a physical interviewer. Businesses that use the Kogenta Location Based Survey Engine experience a higher level of responsiveness from their customers than with comparable methods. The Kogenta Location Based Survey Engine is scalable and more efficient, as well as being a very cost-effective and positive touchpoint with your customer.

Kogenta Survey Engine