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Colleagues looking at e.t.l. results


Kogenta ETL (KETL).

An Extract Transform & Load (ETL) engine specifically designed to support Kogenta’s location and movement analytics solutions.

The effectiveness of Kogenta’s location and movement analytics is dependent on how it collects, combines and transforms a range of disparate, unstructured and often complex datasets. Generic ETL capabilities are not up to this task, but at Kogenta we have developed expert tools and capabilities over many years which address exactly this challenge. The result is the Kogenta ETL engine known as KETL (pronounced “Kettle”) that lets us create “insight-ready” data capable of responding to the most demanding business questions.

Simplify the Process

Kogenta ETL (KETL).

At Kogenta, our solution teams use KETL to handle the complexity of Location and Movement analytics so that you don’t have to. By allowing Kogenta to simplify the process and provide you with quality assured output, you can focus on the results and dedicate your attention to your core business.

If you prefer that your own IT department takes on the challenge themselves, you can subscribe to the KETL suite as a service. KETL is a cloud-native platform that is both user-friendly, comprehensive, and highly adaptable to any Location or Movement data analytics challenge.