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Everything Location and Movement – Privacy Secure


The centrepiece of our product set is KETL, the Kogenta ETL platform. Further Location and Movement related capabilities are integrated with KETL through our other products such as Kogenta Explorer, Privacy Engine, Trip Data Collector and Location Based Survey Engine.

Kogenta ETL (KETL)

The effectiveness of Location and Movement Analytics is dependent on how disparate datasets are collected, stored, combined, and transformed.

Privacy Engine

Sometimes, answering location and movement related question means working with data sources close to individual end users.

Location Based Survey Engine

An increasingly important requirement for any business or enterprise is to gain a deeper and more accurate understanding of their customer’s satisfaction level.

Trip Data Collector

Our Trip Data Collector is a dedicated product designed to work with your existing or new mobile Apps to collect information about the travel activities of your customers.

Kogenta Explorer

The Kogenta Explore is a visualisation tool that presents Location and Movement related insights.