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Priority Traveller.

The Kogenta Priority Traveller solution has been created for Transportation Companies to do a better job of supporting their customers who require additional assistance (for example: the visually or physically impaired, the elderly, parents with prams, etc.). The solution helps provide universal access to travel on public transportation safer and easier for these important groups of customers.

Accessible Travel

Embrace all your customers.

The solution empowers a person who wants to travel from one location to another by allowing them to enter the details into the easy-to-use App, and along with sensors in the App, the traveller will be detected when she/he/they approach their desired stop. A notification is then automatically sent to the driver of the chosen vehicle. This ensures that the bus/tram/boat/etc., will stop where the user is ready to embark.

  • Digital stop button

Better Service

Digital stop button.

The solution also offers a digital stop button, which allows the user to enter where they want to disembark, again notifying the driver.

The Priority Travellers solution aims at offering services to the visually impaired and blind, which enables them an easier and more independent way to travel by public transportation.