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young man on a bus answering a customer survey on his mobile phone.


Location Based Surveys for the Transport/Mobility Industry.

A deeper and more accurate understanding of customer satisfaction is increasingly important in the transport and mobility industry. Metrics, and the insights that they provide, are key to understanding the contribution to customer satisfaction made by an often-complex mobility value chain that includes operators, handling agents and many other customer-facing partners.

Whether metro or bus, ferry, tram or taxi, Kogenta’s Location Based Survey solution lets you interact with your customers before, during or after they use any of your vehicles, helping you build an accurate and actionable picture of customer attitudes to your services.

The Power of Now

Real-time feedback.

Your customers will receive a push notification on their mobile phone, prompting them to answer a customer survey.

You have the opportunity to configure the content of the survey, and the system enables you to capture the customers views contemporary whilst they are actively engaging with your services. This way, you gain a true picture of their experience by the hour.

The results of these surveys will be highly relevant, as they are conducted in real time and this method has shown to deliver more honest responses, as well as a higher response rate.

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Better Results

On customer terms.

Customers generally prefer this approach to surveys as it is less intrusive. Also, by not having to interact with a physical interviewer their opinions will not be influenced by outer circumstances.

Our Mobility and Transportation customers experience a higher level of responsiveness from their customers than with comparable methods. Kogenta’s Customer Location Based Survey solution for the transport/mobility industry is a scalable, efficient, cost-effective and positive touchpoint with your customer.

Most customers are interested in giving feedback, and when it is made easy and hassle-free it elevates their experience. 

Data driven insights at your fingertips.

The Location Based Survey solution gives you the unique ability to understand how customers behave and how they experience your services. You can access the results immediately though the configurable live results dashboard, or – if you prefer – they can be presented in structured reports or data files.

Live dashboards, or alerts, and smart status updates can make the insights relevant and actionable instantly. In contrast to the way much consumer research which often is reported with significant delay in PDF reports, that tend to end in the “archives”.

It is easier to act on feedback and survey results when it is timely. It also allow you to benchmark and keep track of new results as you make alterations to your services.

The value of increased insights due to radically increased customer responsiveness may allow your organisation to become more customer centric and data driven. In addition to that, you it enables you to use customer feedback to measure ROI on innovation, and become predictive of future trends and attitudes.