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city section with bus lane, subway and train tracks and bike path.


Infrastructure Location and Investment Planning.

Whether it be deciding the best locations for new Bus Stops or where to place Electric Scooters to attract the most customers, there is a growing need for data driven-driven decision making when contemplating these questions.

Kogenta’s location intelligence solutions are designed to pull together a wide range of data sources (our data, your data and third-party data) that have an influence on predicting the best locations for placement based on observed and predicted mobility needs.

Understanding Your Customer Journeys

Insights that make a difference.

Our data sources measure where, how and when people travel. Going beyond the traditional methods used by mobility companies like ticket, transaction or passenger counter data, our unique data and analytics help you understand where people actually travel to and from – and what drives their different travel behaviour. This unlocks the true potential of your mobility services to capture a larger share of transport in a sustainable, efficient and consumer friendly way.

Making the Complex, Simple

The power of KETL.

Built on our own KETL platform, the Kogenta Infrastructure Location Planning solution deals with the complexities of these large volumes of disparate data so that you don’t have to. Your time can be better spent investigating and analysing the insights that are generated by the platform so that you can more quickly implement decisions with the confidence that they are supported by facts rather than “feels”.