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EV Charging Point Location Planning.

The public sector and local authorities, commercial enterprises and residential developers are focused on making EV charging points available to their respective clients.

AI based Location Scoring

Applying location intelligence.

Deciding where to locate EV charging points should be a data driven activity. Planning the best locations for a network of charging points is a complex task. To do this effectively, a broad range of location, movement, and other data (for example: demographic) must be brought together, processed, and combined so that location intelligence algorithms can be applied, and relevant insights distilled. Demonstrably better decisions about where to place this essential equipment are made when the grunt work is automated, and the data is used to provide the answers.

location intelligence

Data-Driven Insights

Next-Level Location Planning

At Kogenta, we provide an EV Charging Point Location Planning solution that enables you to intelligently determine the best locations based on configurable criteria. The data and insights are presented in a graphical and user-friendly way or via an API into your preferred visualisation tools or downstream data warehouses for further processing.

Making the Complex, Simple

KETL Powered

Built on our own KETL platform, the Kogenta EV Charging Point Planning solution deals with the complexities of large volumes of disparate data so that you don’t have to. Our solution applies location intelligence algorithms to come up with the insights you need to make the best decisions. Your decisions can be reached with the confidence that they are supported by facts rather than “feels”.