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Customer Travel Analytics.

Public Transport Administrators and Mobility Service Operators need to understand how people use and interact with their services to decide where best to invest limited resources to provide more customer friendly, sustainable and efficient transport systems.

The Kogenta Customer Travel Analytics solution is our answer to the questions posed every day by Transport and Mobility companies. Our solution is designed to give you the most comprehensive view and understanding of your customers travel behaviour before, during and after the use of your services.

Rich in Data, Rich in Insight

Our Solution.

Our solution combines vast quantities of Location and Movement data from a wide range of sources to provide an unprecedented, holistic understanding of movement patterns. The data sources can be your existing data, data that we collect directly for you, or data acquired from third parties. Complex processing of this data to merge, aggregate and enrich it is required to make it “insight-ready”. Our solution handles the complexity, so you do not need to worry about the “data overflow, insights deficit” paradox. Instead, you can focus on the insights generated for you to make well-informed decisions in a data driven manner.

Data can be processed and filtered by values such as gender, age, living and working areas, along with many other variables that will prove valuable for optimising operations and services. You will also have other options such as behavioural understanding and an overview of the customer’s movements, segmented into cycling, walking, public transport, driving etc.

  • Privacy Dashboard

Respecting Consent

Private But Powerful.

One powerful source of data we can gather, secure and structure for you is the location and movement data we can collect from your customer with their express consent.

The solution uses a unique SDK specifically designed for this purpose. The location data is processed within the device and uses the built-in privacy rules to remove identifying data before being collected by our cloud hosted platform.

Seamless Integration

Our SDK.

Our SDK will work within your existing travel app to collect information about your customer’s travel activities. By utilising sensors within the mobile phone (IMU data, GPS, WIFI etc.) along with sensors in the transport vehicle (e.g., Ultra beacons), the Trip Data Collector calculates the position of the device. The SDK ensures battery-efficient sensor-usage, embedded privacy/compliance features and a high level of flexibility.

Your customers are always in full control of their data with access to an easy-to-use privacy dashboard that allows them to explore, download and erase the data they have provided and to configure the level of granularity they wish to provide. GDPR Compliance is always ensured.

Software Development Kit

Visualising the Valuable Insights

Kogenta Explorer.

The Kogenta Customer Travel Analytics solution comes with our Kogenta Explorer product, a state-of-the-art visualisation tool. This intuitive, yet powerful, tool allows you to get right to the heart of your customer mobility data and insights. Additionally, the Kogenta processed data can be accessed via an API or loaded into downstream data warehouses for further processing.

When coupled with our Location Based Survey solution, you will also be able to gain pertinent feedback directly from your customers related to the trips and journeys they have undertaken.

Combining the data makes a truly unique foundation for understanding customer satisfaction, loyalty and service effectiveness based on:

  • Your customer’s survey responses

  • Historic, present and future travel behaviour

  • Additional operational data from the journeys such as deviations, congestions, transport material, weather or events