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woman in a blue raincoat pressing the open the door button on a bus.


Automated (Frictionless) Ticketing.

Kogenta’s latest solution offering is the Automated Ticketing solution. Developed in conjunction with some great partners, the breakthrough technology takes a large step toward “frictionless” travel.

In the future of travel, passengers will enjoy a “ticket free” travel experience, as well as pricing based on an actual number of stops, travel time or travel distance, as opposed to the current pricing structure – which is often perceived as unfair.

Trailblazing Ticketing

Making travel easy.

Research has shown that a reduction in complexity increases customer satisfaction and increases the number of travellers and trips. Hence, the innovation will lead to more people choosing public transport, which in turn will add sustainability benefits.

Running up stairs.

Accuracy You Can Rely On

Just get on board.

The solution utilises the traveller’s mobile phone, and your ticketing app, along with our Commuter Travel Analytics solution. Our revolutionary technology is so accurate that we can accommodate for frictionless travel – so you can re-invent your business model and offer your customers a better way to travel.