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Data-Driven Insights


Kogenta offers an extensive range of solutions to public and private transport and mobility providers alike. Ranging from data analytics to planning and placement of resources, or understanding customer behaviours and satisfaction, Kogenta has a solution to improve the services you offer.

Customer Travel Analytics

Our answer to the questions posed every day by Transport and Mobility companies.

EV Charging Point Location Planning

Making data-driven decisions for EV charging point locations.

Infrastructure Location & Investment Planning

Data-driven decision making for best locations for new Bus Stops or where to place Electric Scooters

Location Based Surveys for the Transport/Mobility Industry

Interact with your customers before, during or after they are onboard any of your vehicles.

Automated (Frictionless) Ticketing

In the future of travel, passengers will enjoy a travel experience with pricing based on number of stops, travel time or travel distance.

Priority Traveller

Offer a better service to your customers who require additional assistance.