Privacy Ensured Location and Movement Data Analytics


Kogenta has developed and delivered a range of sophisticated Location and Movement oriented solutions that have been deployed by numerous industries. The common element to these solutions is that they are all built on Kogenta’s own technology suite of products. At the heart of this is the Kogenta ETL Platform (KETL). This is the engine room, where vast amounts of raw and unstructured data are collected, sorted, enriched, augmented, validated, aggregated and processed and turned into meaningful “insight-ready” information that support the real-world applications provided by our solutions.

In addition to using the world class Kogenta technology, our solution teams work with you to deliver a solution that is fully configured, integrated and working for you at the point of delivery. Our focus is to ensure you get value from our solutions from “Day 1” and long into the future.

Our Solutions are fully supported by giving you direct access to our customer success and technical support teams, so you are never alone trying to work something out. Your success is our success.


Kogenta offers an extensive range of solutions to public and private transport and mobility providers alike. Ranging from data analytics to planning and placement of resources, or understanding customer behaviours and satisfaction, Kogenta has a solution to improve the services you offer.


Kogenta offers a number of solutions for Advertising across Digital, TV, OOH, Radio and Social Media. All solutions are designed to be completely GDPR compliant whilst still providing the insights necessary for better campaign planning and activation.


Kogenta offers solutions designed for Shopping Malls and Retailers who wish to understand their customer journeys better. The insights generated are immediately actionable and have been proven to make a measurable difference to revenue and customer satisfaction.


Kogenta’s solution for Telecommunication Providers are designed to prepare the vast amount of location and movement data they hold for productisation in a GDPR compliant fashion. Telecommunications providers are sitting on a gold mine of data but are often unsure how to effectively monetise it.


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