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young man on a bus answering a customer survey on his mobile phone.
The Smart Way to Conduct Travel Surveys


Trip Data Driven Surveys – More Accurate, More Frequent, More Cost Effective.

A deeper and more accurate understanding of customer satisfaction and behaviour drivers is increasingly important in Mobility. Not only is gaining insight into customer perceptions of your service important to maintaining current usage levels, but metrics and the insights that they provide, are also key to understanding how to speed up the transition to more sustainable transport usage.

Kogenta’s SmartSurveys is a unique survey engine that differentiates itself from other survey products by using detailed travel data to target and drive the questions. This data driven approach results in significantly more meaningful and accurate insights, and all in real time.

Automated, SmartSurveys have been proven to be strikingly more efficient when compared to traditional manual methods. Many more customers can be reached without increasing costs.

Whether metro or bus, ferry, tram, train or taxi, Kogenta’s SmartSurvey product lets you interact with your customers before, during or after they use any of your assets, helping you build an accurate and actionable picture of customer attitudes toward your services.

More, Faster, Better


Current manual surveys are very costly, complex and time consuming to administer. By automating SmartSurveys, these issues are eliminated. Surveys can be configured quickly, provisioned immediately and responses gathered in real-time. Powerful insights can be gained within hours rather than weeks or months.

SmartSurvey streamlines the process and puts the power at your fingertips. You choose whether to analyse the results using our dashboard or use your favourite market research agency. Either way, you have the data immediately without any of the usual complexities.

Pin Point Precision


SmartSurveys makes use of highly detailed travel data about specific trips that are being made or have been made This means you are able to target specific customers based on the origin, destination, route, stop or other characteristic you are interested In. This valuable meta data is then attached to the survey responses.

The travel data can automatically be included in the questions you ask, which means your customers don’t have to scramble to remember what journeys they have taken. Instead, the precise information can be presented to them leading to greatly accuracy, fewer questions and higher response and completion rates.

Your customers or other respondants can respond 24×7 and across the entire transport network or area.  Infrequent and non-customers can also be targeted for surveys to understand their perceptions of your service.

Proven to Greatly Enhance Your Insights


SmartSurveys has been proven to consistently generate more valuable data compared to traditional face-to-face surveys. Kogenta’s Mobility Clients have used SmartSurveys to conduct hundreds of thousands of surveys. Our Clients routinely tell us the efficiency and accuracy is outstanding, that passengers prefer responding to surveys this way and that they are more likely to provide true answers when compared to being physically interviewed. The surveys are shorter because the travel data is already available leading to minimised survey fatigue. The results are immediately available and presented in a way that is easy to extract the insights required for your business.