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woman in a blue raincoat pressing the open the door button on a bus.
Precision is Paramount

BiBo AccuTravel.

Flawless BiBo Ticketing – the Pinnacle of Seamless Travel.

BiBo AccuTravel is a product based on highly accurate technology that meets and exceeds the strict standards required for frictionless ticketing. As the world transitions from traditional CheckIn/CheckOut methods to more advanced, effortless modes of transit validation, the need for precision is paramount.

BiBo AccuTravel stands out by addressing the critical challenge of accuracy that plagues current systems. It employs unique technology that leverages mobile phone sensors to ensure unmatched precision in detecting passenger presence and movements. This ensures that BiBo systems become not just a concept but a reliable, everyday reality.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with both existing and new ticketing frameworks, BiBo AccuTravel enhances the capability of BiBo systems, making truly frictionless travel an achievable goal.

A Truly Unique Approach

The Result of Years of R&D Investment.

Kogenta has pioneered the development of distinctive “fingerprints” derived from mobile phone sensor data, enabling the real-time identification of a passenger’s mode of transportation with an impressive 99.9% accuracy rate. This breakthrough has been validated through extensive trials, showcasing its utility for seamless BiBo system implementation.

This innovative technology emerged from a collaborative endeavour between Kogenta and the University of Kristiana in Norway. The core of BiBo AccuTravel is its machine learning capabilities, which operate directly on the mobile device, eliminating the need for constant connectivity. Moreover, it’s designed to be incredibly energy-efficient, ensuring minimal impact on battery life.

Running up stairs.

Frictionless Travel is the Future

Transform the Multimodal Experience.

BiBo AccuTravel’s multimodal capabilities open up new opportunities for innovative business models in transportation charging. This includes a variety of incentives, rebates, and rewards tailored to the diverse transit modes passenger’s use.

The BiBo system offers substantial benefits for both transport providers and passengers. It introduces the concept of frictionless travel, significantly reducing the need for physical hardware, maintenance, and energy consumption, aligning perfectly with the sustainability objectives of mobility companies. Additionally, the process of passenger boarding, and alighting is greatly simplified. Moreover, BiBo has proven effective in minimizing various forms of fare evasion, enhancing overall system efficiency.