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Data Driven Insights


Kogenta offers an extensive range of products to take Transport/Mobility providers to the next level. Using unique and previously unavailable data sources our products drastically improve the efficiency and quality of the services you offer. Ranging from automating trip driven customer surveys with SmartSurveys, obtaining comprehensive clarity about travel patterns and other characteristics of your current and future customers with Mobility Customer View (MCV), enhancing accessibility with AccessAssist, or enabling an ultra-accurate BiBo rollout with BiBo AccuTravel, Kogenta has a product that can transform your business.

Trip Data Driven Surveys – More Accurate, More Frequent, More Cost Effective.

Interact with your customers in a rapid, scalable, and user-friendly manner. Our automated surveys make use of detailed travel data logs to simplify the survey for the customer creating a streamlined experience. The result is accurate insights into customer satisfaction and behaviour drivers.

Master Your Customer Flows – From First Boarding to Final Stop, Everything in Between and Beyond.

Kogenta MCV (Mobility Customer View) develops a clear and concise understanding of the patterns and behaviours of the people who use, or might use, your transport service. Knowing your customer is essential to making properly informed decisions about the allocation of your resources.  Kogenta MCV makes this data, and the rich insights it provides, available for the first time in a Mobility context.

Revolutionise the way you manage, plan and reward your city’s transport systems with our cutting-edge machine learning predictive solution. 

Kogenta Predictor is an industry leading, machine learning based product designed specifically for transport and local authorities to enhance urban mobility management. This predictive solution utilises advanced machine learning algorithms to analyse historical and real-time data, providing accurate forecasts of public transport usage and demand across different regions. Aimed at optimising service efficiency, reducing congestion, and improving commuter satisfaction, Kogenta Predictor supports proactive planning and seamless integration with existing systems. 

Seamless Accessibility, Every Stage of the Journey – Where Precision Meets Care in Public Transport.

Take special care of your customers who need a little extra help with accessibility. The best transport providers want all of their customers to have the best possible experience. AccessAssist is designed to enable you to do just that.

Flawless BiBo Ticketing – the Pinnacle of Seamless Travel.

BiBo AccuTravel represents the forefront of ticketing innovation, paving the way for extreme accuracy BeIn/BeOut (BiBo) systems, the ultimate evolution in seamless travel. BiBo AccuTravel delivers unprecedented accuracy in barrierless ticketing.

Leverage our Expertise and Specialisation to Your Benefit.

Enjoy the benefits of Kogenta’s Mobility products sooner whilst managing the cost to your business with Mobility Managed Services. If you have recognised the value of Kogenta’s data and analytics products and how they can enhance your business but are not sure how to make use of them due to staffing constraints, Kogenta can manage the operation for you and provide you with the results, insights and reports as you need them.