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Location and Movement Data ETL Processing

As a Telecommunications provider, you have a wealth of location and movement data related to your customers. This data, when converted and enriched from raw, unstructured data into “insight-ready” information is valuable not only in helping you understand your customer’s behaviours better and all the benefits that brings, but it is also immensely valuable to other businesses and enterprises.

Raw Data into Monetizable Products

Kogenta ETL (KETL)

Kogenta are the experts in turning this raw data, that you own, into monetizable products that you can use to generate new and significant revenue streams. Using our own dedicated Kogenta ETL (KETL) software technology, our expert solutions team can do the hard work for you.

KETL can be used as a pre-processor for complex movement and location data that then becomes an input into other processes inside your own IT department or used to provide specific data sets that can be licenced or sold to businesses and enterprises who are looking to understand their customers better through your insight-ready data.