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Retail Customer Analytics.

The retail industry it experiencing an increased need to develop a holistic view of who the customer is, and what their behaviours are.

The opportunities for capturing and processing qualitative customer data is readily available and highly necessary for you to truly understand your customer’s needs. As more businesses are taking advantage of digitalisation and data driven decision making, it’s more important than ever to be able to provide your customers with the best service, and thereby retain their loyalty.

Augmenting your data with Kogenta’s accurate and reliable location and movement data, as well as demographic data related to the customer, will enable you to develop a far richer and deeper understanding.

Insights about age and gender are combined with location and movement data to show what areas they live in, how they travel to your location, what time they visit, as well as where they go to next.

This combination of broader knowledge allows you to plan for actions that will better the customer experience, and in turn will affect your revenue.

Bring People Back More Often

The Who, What and Where of  Your Customer Journeys.

This data is used not only for insights, but to trigger promotions, marketing activity and even customer surveys. 

Kogenta’s Retail Customer Analytics product is a comprehensive solution that uses our KETL platform to collect, combine, enrich and process this data to generate the insights. Looking at footfall allows you to benchmark, predict and plan for the future. It’s so much easier to eliminate the guesswork when you have data to rely on to forecast your customer’s needs.

The Kogenta Explorer Visualisation tool can then be used to access these insights in an easy and user friendly way that allows you to get straight to the point. Alternatively, the processed data sets can be accessed via an API or delivered into your cloud infrastructure. We will provide the solutions that best fit the needs of your company and ambitions.