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woman on a shopping visit answering a customer survey.


Location Based Surveys for the Retail Industry.

Many retailers and mall owners have historically experienced that attaining feedback from customers has been a struggle. It required time and resources, and most customers tend to shy away from suggestion boxes or personal interviews.

Kogenta’s Location Based Survey solution allows you to send push notifications to your customers when they are actually in the process of visiting your retail location or shopping mall. This has a proven success rate as it is experienced as non-invasive. The received answers tend to be more honest than in personal interviews, thereby more accurate and provides a deeper understanding of your customer’s satisfaction levels.

At the Right Time and Right Place

Grabbing the Attention.

A push notification invites the customer to answer a customer survey – on their phone. The content of the survey is configurable and enables you to capture the customers views in real time whilst they are actively engaged with your business. This way, you are gaining a truer picture of their experience whilst it is happening.

The results will be highly relevant, as surveys conducted in real time have been proven to deliver more honest responses.

Honest Feedback

Preferred Method.

A digital customer survey is generally preferred by customers as this approach is less intrusive. In addition to that, they are not influenced by a physical interviewer.
Our Retail customers have reported that they experience a higher level of responsiveness from their own customers than what they have done previously with comparable methods.

We have made Kogenta’s Location Based Customer Survey solution scalable and more efficient, as well as making it a highly cost-effective and positive touchpoint with your customer.

Instant Access, Instant Actions

A more Customer Centric Approach.

The Location Based Survey solution gives you a unique comprehension of how your customers behave and experience your services. The insight can be accessed immediately though a configurable live results dashboard, or presented in structured reports or data files.

With live dashboards or alerts and smart status updates, you can make the feedback relevant and actionable right away. Other methods of pertaining consumer research are often reported with a significant delay in static PDF reports, that tend to end up in the “archives”. 

You will acquire dynamic information that allows you to become more customer centric. By being able to integrate data across channels and campaigns you can use feedback to address current change and innovation, as well as being predictive of future attitudes and trends.

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