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Kogenta Explorer.

A “Made for Media” geospatial hub to streamline the process of  Planning, Insights, Activation and Visualisation. All the capabilities you need to thrive in a cookieless world.

A Platform for all Your Data.

Empower your campaign planning with the Kogenta Explorer Platform, designed with our KCIs pre-loaded and ready to accept your own data.  

Kogenta Explorer doesn’t just display data – it brings it to life with exceptional visualisation features. 

Additionally, it serves as your integrated hub for a wide variety of data sources. Harness the same robust technology behind our KCIs to craft your own enriched datasets, integrating any additional data you wish.

Data can be seamlessly exported from the platform and directly integrated into programmatic platforms, including DSPs, SSPs, and various curation marketplaces. This integration enables the immediate execution of media buys.

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“Kogenta’s Explorer Platform has helped us understand the scale and opportunity of our client’s audiences and to traverse the impending cookie-less environment.

From yearly planning strategies, to regional incrementality tests, we can use Kogenta’s Explorer Platform across a multitude of our functions. It not only provides insight but also enhances our client’s media activation, to create more efficient campaigns.”

Senior Digital and Data Leader, Group M
Kogenta gives Powerful Data Access and Control.
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  • Aggregated Insight
    Leveraging 70+ data sources in one intuitive platform

  • Omnichannel Insight
    Harness Kogenta’s platform and data capabilities to deliver omnichannel insights, planning activation and measurement

  • Visual at its Heart
    Our platform is highly visual and gives the user full control to create their audiences and geo-territories

  • 1PD Insights
    Augment your clients’ understanding of their owned data across our 400+ indices

  • Enrich your 1PD
    Export our data into your client CDP or DMP to enrich their CRM data profiles

  • Platform and Data Bundled
    The unique combination of data and platform means you get maximum value for minimal cost

Kogenta Drives Advertiser and Agency Value.
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  • Insight Generation
    Privacy compliant platform offering granular insight

  • Build Audiences
    Full control of how you build you audiences using our data… enhanced with client data

  • Measure Success
    Footfall and movement data offers future-proofed measurement post cookies

  • Manage Complex Buying Processes
    One central hub from which to push audience data into several buying platforms

  • End-to-End Process
    Geo-contextual is an innovative and creative approach to cookie-less planning, audience targeting, enrichment and measurement

  • Agency Differentiation
    Enhance your existing tools, or create new solutions for clients and prospects

Kogenta Explorer Specific Capabilities.
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  • Comprehensive set of Pre-defined Reports
    Share specific insights with other teams or clients.

  • Kogenta AI (KAI)
    A prompt based natural language plugin to surface audience and insight discovery and optimisation.

  • Footfall and Measurement
    Advanced measurement making use of deep analysis of mobility data.

  • Audience Builder
    Profile first party data to create audience matches and look-a-likes on a large geographic scale.

  • Process Efficiencies
    Our platform, reporting and innovation in AI are aimed at saving clients time and delivering measurable multichannel outcomes.

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Harness combined data and cutting-edge technology to effortlessly segment and analyse your audience. Dive deep into audience insights like you’ve never done before, pinpointing the ideal message that truly speaks to them.

The outcome? An optimised ROI for your campaigns. Dive in and connect more effectively than ever.