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Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) – All Geographies, all Channels.

Our Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) are widely regarded as the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable geo-contextual indices available. Using proprietary, AI-based techniques to combine, enrich and analyse data from a wide range of verified sources, Kogenta creates sets of comparative indices that resolve down to a post-code or small polygon-based areas.

Our KCIs consist of location-based indices that allow advertisers to understand the context in which users are interacting with digital and offline content. Instead of relying on individual user identifiers like cookies, this approach focuses on the broader context of a user’s location, their behaviour patterns, and their interests. It provides a privacy-friendly way to deliver relevant ads to consumers without infringing on their personal data.

In a third party cookie-less world, geo-contextual KCIs open new doors for advertisers seeking to maintain effective targeting strategies. By focusing on the broader context of user interactions, interests, and location, advertisers can connect with their audiences on a more personal level while respecting their privacy.

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Key Benefits of KCIs: Empowering Advertisers Worldwide.
  • Omnichannel Targeting: KCIs are used across CTV, DOOH, Digital and Print, Radio, Cinema, etc. This provides a cost effective data strategy across your business.

  • Dynamic Audience Builder: KCIs are indices, not segments. This means they are far more dynamic than traditional datasets. KCIs can be adjusted and combined to match specific client briefs thus improving campaign optimisation.

  • Precise and Relevant Targeting: KCIs enable advertisers to deliver highly targeted ads, based on specific locations, to relevant audiences.

  • Understanding Regional Trends: Using KCIs empowers advertisers to tailor ad content according to local needs and interests. Advertisements can feature location-specific offers, promotions, or product availability, resonating with the audience and fostering engagement. Understanding these trends allows them to optimize campaigns, create region-specific strategies, and better allocate resources for maximum impact.

  • Seamless Online-Offline Integration: Geo-contextual datasets bridge the gap between online and offline experiences. Advertisers can retarget users who have visited physical locations without relying on cookies, enhancing the overall customer journey and brand loyalty.

  • Respecting User Privacy: KCIs prioritize user privacy by utilising anonymised and aggregated data. Advertisers can maintain compliance with data protection regulations while still delivering impactful advertising experiences.

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Kogenta’s products cater to global geographies, boasting extensive data sets and indices for key markets such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Nordics, Australia, Canada, among many others.