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Comprehensive, Unique Data

Data Subscriptions.

Kogenta offers its advanced, geo-contextual indices, known as KCIs, on a “right to use”, subscription basis. With up to 400 unique attributes per geography, Kogenta’s unique data is amongst the most comprehensive available. The Kogenta data has been proven time and time again to deliver the required results to our clients who use our data to service their customers with well targeted advertising campaigns.

Kogenta Contextual Indexes (KCIs) and Movement KCIs profile geographic areas against demo, socio-demographic, mobility and household expenditure data layers. This creates unique data-driven opportunities by defining the geographic areas and combining multiple data layers.

Our indices are not static segments – they are adjustable. Indices can be created at a range of regional views (e.g. post code/post sector/small polygon). Index thresholds can also be set by our clients to meet differing client requirements

Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs)

Our Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) are modelled from the combination of over 70 verified data sources. The result are data sets of highly accurate and robust indices that can be trusted and relied upon to meet your business needs. Our KCIs can be used on their own or to enrich your own data for even more sophisticated targeting models.

Movement KCIs

Our Movement KCIs add in the element of mobility. Making use of Mobile Network Data , Movement KCIs are used to understand footfall and travel patterns related to geographic areas. When combined with demographic or household expenditure, Movement KCIs provide a holistic view of user behaviours and trends.