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Customer Data Collector.

Our Customer Data Collector solution is designed to collect granular data from your apps and websites. The solution uses a unique SDK that can link the customer data to any of the location segments. The location data is processed within the device and uses the built-in privacy rules to remove identifying data before being collected by our cloud hosted platform.

Your customers are always in full control of their data with access to an easy-to-use privacy dashboard that allows them to explore, download and erase the data they have provided and to configure the level of granularity they wish to provide. GDPR Compliance is always certain.

Kogenta Customer Data Collector.

The Kogenta Customer Data Collector solution enables the following:

  • We can sync mobile devices / browsers with location context segments without the need for customers to share raw location signals.

  • The mobile SDK can be used to interact with the OOH sensors to provide micro insights and an attribution panel for OOH.

  • The mobile SDK can be used to create further advertising inventory through push notification location-based offers.

  • The mobile SDK provides all consent and management for the user. The user can opt in and out of any data sharing. Users can view all data all of the aggregated and anonymized data used for segment profiles, they can download and delete any data stored.

  • We use the device as a decentralized DMP storing 1 record in each. The device never sends raw location signals but holds and contains the location contextual segments relevant to it. This means the device can send these segment ID’s to any chosen programmatic partner, SSP, Exchange, DSP or Adserver.

Sensor Magic

Attribution models and insights.

Additionally, we can provide sensors to place on any of your OOH inventory. If our Customer Data Collector solution is present in any of your apps or partner apps then these devices can be used a sample set to create models for insights and attributions.

Sensors can also be provided to measure campaign effectiveness where you can implement our mobile SDK across your, or your partners, mobile apps.