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Location Based Survey


Campaign Planning and Activation.

Kogenta provides location context to the advertising industry. Focused on GDPR privacy compliant data linked to a location rather than an individual we provide future proof data solutions and technologies.

The Campaign Planning and Activation solution uses our data across Digital, TV, OOH, Radio, and Social media. Our solution also enables advanced customer data collection for attribution modelling.

Privacy First

In-depth insight.

Our data differential is a result of combining Telco mobility and retail spending trends data with contextual location-based insight. The result is “privacy by design” data that provides robust insight not only in the movement patterns across the country, but also an understanding of the demographic, socio demographic and consumer spending trends.

Knowing Your Target Groups

Segmentation made easy.

The Kogenta Campaign Planning and Activation Solution provides:

A full campaign planning solution that enables queries such as: “Find all areas within a 20-minute drive of an Audi dealership who over index for New Car Buyers” to be answered.

The Campaign Planning and Activation solution provides immediate access to over 200 pre-defined audience segments based on location, including:

  • Socio-demographic: language, income, social class, age, family type urban/suburban/rural, and more.

  • Location: region, city, district for both home, work, and current location

  • Household Expenditure: automotive, DIY, beauty, fashion, books, toys, kitchen, living, shoes, sports, underwear, electronics, (fast)food, restaurants, tourism, experience, and more),

  • Shopping behaviour: convenience buyer, mall / high street / retail park preference, premium vs discount shopper, local shopper, and more.

  • Commuting behaviour: usage levels for car, bike, public transport, length of commutes,

  • Professional: white/blue collar worker, full time vs flexible, and more.

  • Intent: buying a car, buying a kitchen, buying a bathroom, just moved, and more.

  • Help create custom audiences combining data with distance to POI’s.

  • Understand consumer movement behaviour. Where and when to target the right audience.

  • Understand catchment areas. How far do people travel to visit this area?