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Get Started Immediately with Kogenta Managed Services

Advertising Managed Services.

Discover the power of geo-contextual insights with Kogenta’s Managed Service offering.

At Kogenta, we understand that data-driven strategies are vital for your sales teams to respond effectively to campaign briefs and formulate audience targeting strategies that are cookieless. That’s why we offer a Managed Service that lets you entrust us with the heavy lifting of empowering your sales teams with the right insights.

From Targeting to Activation with Kogenta

Target with our Data, Activate Through your Preferred Channel.

Our Kogenta Explorer Platform is where our geo-contextual specialists work their magic. With their expertise, you get unique insights and compelling data visualisations to help you win your campaign briefs. Whether it’s a geographic trend, an audience interest, or a hidden pattern, our team unravels insights that could be a game-changer for your campaign.

But we don’t just stop at insights. From an activation and targeting standpoint,  Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) can then be used to execute media buys. Our curation partners further enable us to set up custom PMP deals that can be pushed to your DSP seat of choice.

Our Managed Service is a frictionless entry point for those looking to explore the potential of geo-contextual solutions in a post-cookie world. It’s not just about compliance with privacy regulations. It’s about embracing new ways of understanding and reaching your audience. 

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Making your Life Easier

Let Us do the Heavy Lifting.

So, let us handle the complexities of data analysis and insight generation. With Kogenta’s Managed Service offering, you get the benefits of expert insights without the hassles of handling the data yourself. Explore the power of geo-contextual solutions and redefine your planning and activation strategies for a cookieless future.