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The Cookieless World: Introducing Kogenta


The fast-approaching shift to a cookieless digital environment poses a tangible threat to advertising revenues. Conventional benchmarks are changing –  Enter Kogenta.

Our products not only offer a privacy-respecting alternative to traditional cookies, we enable omnichannel insights, planning and activation resulting in greater reach and scale, thus boosting revenues and performance.

Don’t just adapt: Thrive with Kogenta.

Rich in Data, Rich in Insight

It is Time to Move on From Cookies.

As an industry, advertising is over-reliant on low quality data signals such as third party cookies.

Furthermore, we are ill prepared to move on from third party cookies despite the impending cookie apocalypse!

The best way to address the deprecation of third party cookies is to unlock the power of your first party data to understand your existing customers and use geo-contextual data to identify and understand your future customers.

Geo-contextual data is your pathway to true scale.


The accuracy of targeting methods using third party cookies.
(Deloitte 2022)


Just 8% of marketers say they are “fully prepared” for the forthcoming cookie crackdown, with a further 22% declaring that they are “mostly prepared”.
(eMarketer Future of Marketing 2023)


Of advertisers in the UK market rank effective targeting as the most influential element for achieving their KPIs.
(Triplelift 2022)

Kogenta offers more control, scale and transparency than black box third party data solutions, while also integrating with first party data.

Advertisers – We’ve got you Covered

Omnichannel Relevance.

Kogenta is a channel agnostic provider of proprietary, geo-contextual datasets and indices combined with user friendly, intuitive visualisation and analytics products. The same data supports advertising campaigns across OOH, DOOH, CTV, Digital, Print, Radio, Television and Cinema.

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Our Advertising Products.

Data Subscriptions

Our proprietary Data Sets are widely regarded as the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable geo-contextual indices available. Using proprietary, AI-based techniques to combine, enrich and analyse data from a wide range of verified sources, Kogenta creates sets of comparative and adjustable indices (compared to the national average) that resolve down to a post-code or small polygon-based areas. We call these data sets Kogenta Contextual Indices or KCIs.

Kogenta Explorer

Kogenta Explorer is a “Made for Media” GIS platform that dramatically improves cookieless media planning, insights and visualisation in an omnichannel environment. Kogenta Explorer is provided to you together with the pre-loaded Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) that you require. Additionally, you can ingest any of your own data and combine it with our KCIs . The resulting  insights  drive better decision-making and ultimately, achieve a higher return on advertising investment.

Advertising Managed Services

If you are not quite ready to sign up for a subscription to our data sets or the Kogenta Explorer Platform for data driven insights, we can get you started with a Managed Service, typically on a CPM fee basis. As your usage increases, the time may come when you may wish to take the capabilities in house and move to a subscription model with direct access to the platform. We provide you with a seamless transition.

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Global Coverage.

Kogenta’s products cater to global geographies, boasting extensive data sets and indices for key markets such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Nordics, Australia, Canada, among many others.