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Privacy Ensured Location and Movement Data Analytics


Kogenta has developed and delivered sophisticated location and movement-oriented products for a wide range of industries. All are built on Kogenta Explorer, Kogenta’s technology platform. This is the engine room where vast amounts of raw and unstructured data are collected, enriched and turned into meaningful, accessible, ‘insight-ready’ intelligence.

World-class technology is only part of the story. Kogenta product teams work with you to create a solution that is fully configured, integrated into your business and delivering value from day one.

Direct access to our customer success and technical support teams means that you are never left alone with a problem. We never forget that your success is our success.

Kogenta offers an extensive range of solutions to public and private transport and mobility providers. From data analytics to planning & deployment of resources, to interpreting customer behaviour and improving the end-user experience, Kogenta has a solution that will enhance the services you offer.

Kogenta offers a number of advertising solutions, across Digital, TV, OOH (out of home), Radio and Social Media. All are designed to be completely GDPR-compliant while still providing insights that will greatly improve campaign planning and activation.

Kogenta retail solutions help shopping malls and retailers understand their customers’ journeys better. The insights generated are immediately actionable and make a measurable difference to revenue and customer satisfaction.

Kogenta’s solution for telecommunications helps providers to monetise their vast stocks of commercially valuable location and movement data. Telecommunications providers are typically sitting on a potential goldmine of data but lack the capability to convert it to revenue in a GDPR-compliant fashion. Kogenta can help.