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Press Release: Kogenta merger

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Press Release: Kogenta merger
February 15, 2022
Kogenta, led by John Aalbers, merges fluxLoop and Urban Analytics, creating a world leading location and movement data analytics company.

First dedicated Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) platform for complex location and movement data analytics, ensuring privacy compliance.

Kogenta, who are location and movement data experts, have announced the acquisition of both fluxLoop AS (Norway) and Urban Analytix Ltd. (United Kingdom). By combining the expertise and success of these two companies, Kogenta has created a world leading, privacy first, data analytics company – with unique capabilities in location and movement.

Building on years of experience focused on creating products and solutions that rely on deep analysis of location and movement data, Kogenta will provide compelling, convincing, and persuasive insights. These insights are used by enterprises to make data-driven operational and planning decisions, whilst ensuring privacy compliance. By turning location and movement data, enriched with a huge variety of other data, into real-world, usable insights, Kogenta’s technologies and solutions deliver answers to the most pressing questions faced by the Transport/Mobility, Advertising, Retail and Telecommunications industries today.

Kogenta is led by experienced technology CEO, John Aalbers, who has built and sold several successful software businesses in Telecommunications, Media, Cinema and Music Streaming. John’s previous companies include Arts Alliance Media, CGI and Volubill. Former founders: Ulrik Prøitz (fluxLoop) and Simon Bailey (Urban Analytix) will maintain key, Senior Vice President roles to drive the technology, products and business forward. The team is excited to create the best outcomes for customers, partners and employees.

– I am thrilled to be joining these two companies together to create something truly unique in a time where efficient, data driven decision-making is becoming even more essential, said John Aalbers, CEO. – What we are creating takes decision making to the next level and is designed to give our customers a more competitive position in their respective markets.

The Kogenta ETL (KETL) platform supports a range of unique use cases, from determining where to best place Electric Vehicle Charging Points, enabling detailed data driven decision making for transport and mobility companies, planning ‘Out of Home’ advertising campaigns, to enabling real-time, location-based surveys. All these use cases harness complex location and movement data to answer the most pressing questions facing operators and planners in these industries.

As part of the acquisitions, Kogenta received growth funding from renowned, international technology and software Venture Capital firm, Idekapital. With Idekapital’s strength and support, Kogenta is well on the way to achieving its ambition of becoming the global ‘go-to’ partner for all things related to Location and Movement data analytics in a privacy-first world.

Alex Rahaman, Chair at Kogenta and Partner at IdeKapital said, – We are excited to be teaming up with John to make this growth story a reality. John has a tremendous record of scaling up technology business in a variety of industries. We are delighted to bring together these businesses to launch Kogenta. In a more advanced privacy setting, location data needs to be managed carefully. The combination of moving and static data with our client’s proprietary data will provide unprecedented insights.

About Kogenta

Kogenta is a leading provider of Location and Movement ETL products and solutions to over 35 enterprise customers. Our solutions enable the transformation of vast amounts of Location and Movement data into real-world, usable insights for Transport/Mobility, Advertising, Retail and Telecommunications providers, improving their customer experience and reducing their operational costs.

Through advanced analytics, Kogenta products provide actionable and measurable insights into customer behaviour.

Kogenta’s commitment to providing understandable data-driven answers to the complex questions, makes Kogenta the obvious choice for enterprises looking to maximise their revenue potential and minimise their operational costs whilst providing the best outcomes for their customers.

About KETL

‘KETL’ is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) platform specifically designed for Location and Movement Analytics that is fully privacy compliant.

The effectiveness of Location and Movement Analytics is dependent on how disparate datasets are collected, stored, combined, and transformed. These data sets, from a wide variety of sources, are unstructured and often require complex privacy compliant processing. Generic ETL capabilities are not up to the task. Kogenta has developed expert tools and capabilities over many years to address exactly this issue. The result is the Kogenta ETL platform known as KETL (pronounced “Kettle”). It is here where “insight-ready” data is prepared to satisfy the needs of the most demanding business questions.

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About Idekapital

Idekapital is Norway’s largest venture capital fund with a total of NOK 1.5 billion under management through several funds and is currently actively invested in 16 companies, such as Ardoq, Cavai and iMove. Their focus is on B2B software solutions with scalable business models, and with global potential. Among the investors behind Idekapital are large institutional players such as Oslo Pensjonsforsikring, KLP, Gjensidige Foundation and Formuesforvaltning, as well as a number of well-known family offices.

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