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Project group strengthened when entering central research phase

man using a public transport payment card to enter the subway.
Project group strengthened when entering central research phase
January 4, 2021

During the third quarter of 2021 the Be-Insight team was strengthened by employing two Industry PhDs at Kogenta (formerly fluxLoop).

In addition to this, R&D partner Kristiania University College employed postdoc candidate Malte Bieler.

During the third quarter of 2021 Kogenta strengthened the Be-Insight team by employing two Industry PhDs. Respectively Anders Skretting, who worked as senior adviser on ICT Services within the Norwegian Police Service, and Philippe Büdinger who joined the team straight after his studies at Copenhagen Business School.

In addition to this, R&D partner Kristiania University College has employed postdoc candidate Malte Bieler and is currently in the process of employing a second postdoc candidate.

The project team has conducted comprehensive research and identified reference cases in the industry, as well as completed a study on related research in the automatic ticketing field.

An academic review article is in the final phase of production, which will compile a collection of formerly published knowledge within the theme of automatic ticketing. This article will be part of the reference source for further project work and has been submitted for publication assessment.

We are in the process of analysing travel flows and behavioural data provided by project partner Ruter AS and are planning to rig constituent sensors on selected public transportation vehicle units in Bodø.

A prototype app for gathering behavioural data is in the making and a small pilot environment is set to commence during the spring / summer of 2021.

The project consists of ten so-called work packages, where seven are currently in progress.

About the Project

Be-Insight is an ongoing research project with the goal of solving and enabling the facilitation of automated ticketing (Be-In, Be-Out), as well as the opportunity to grow new business models within the public transport industry.

The project consists of selected members from the project owner Kogenta AS, along with Kristiania University College (Høyskolen Kristiania), Ruter AS and Nordland County Council (Nordland Fylkeskommune). The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council (Forskningsrådet).

Within the project guidelines is also the analysis of behaviour and improved trip flow modelling for the mobility industry. The gained insight will enable industry players to improve their operation and service offerings.
While the research project revolves around how to use and combine various technologies in order to accurately determine the position of a mobile phone, this will be done in a way that never compromises user privacy.
In the future of travel, passengers will enjoy a “ticket free” experience, as well as more reasonable pricing based on an actual number of stops, travel time or travel distance, as opposed to the current pricing structure – which is often perceived as unfair.

Research has shown that a reduction in complexity increases customer satisfaction and increases the number of travellers and trips. Hence, the innovation will lead to more people choosing public transport, which in turn will add sustainability benefits.

The research project commenced in March 2020 and will run until July 2022.

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