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Automated data collection and geolocation

man holding a phone displaying a map with location pin points.
Automated data collection and geolocation
September 9, 2021

By using Kogenta’s technology and a privacy coherent method for collecting travel and movement data from Norstat’s panel members, the two companies offer high quality survey data enriched with valuable geolocation data.

The solution enables the collection of new types of data such as respondent travel patterns, modes of transportation and determining presence at a specific location. The solution will provide opportunities for new strategic insight as traditional survey data can be enriched with geolocation based sampling and interviewing.‍

Major mobility companies, such as Vy and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen), already derived new insights and identified new possibilities based on the solution.

The collaboration will cover all countries where Norstat delivers their services.

– Through the cooperation with Kogenta we can automatically trigger surveys based on user location and context. It will open up interesting new opportunities for existing and new clients as we are now able to interview respondents who have been at a particular location (e.g. shopping center, movie theater, airport) or have travelled in a certain area or used a particular mode of transportation. We are very excited to offer new opportunities for context specific surveys, says Nina C. Kulås, Managing Director at Norstat Norway.

Quick and easy access to data

‍The combination of Norstat’s panel and Kogenta’s technology accommodates a quicker start-up for the customers, and makes valuable data even more accessible through dynamic dashboards.

‍- Our collaboration with Norstat Group opens up shared business opportunities in several industries. Many customers are showing great interest in combining traditional, and now automated surveys with actual end customer travel, movement and location data. Our technology provides more accurate movement data, without compromising on privacy. Together with Norstat we provide access to a relevant user base along with insights into new clients in new markets. This is a powerful combination, concludes Ulrik Prøitz, SVP Nordics of Kogenta.

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