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case study ev charging
Case Study

Points for Charging.

Increasingly, as the United Kingdom rapidly heads towards an Electric Vehicle based future, local authorities up and down the country are recognising the need for and investing in the rollout of EV Charging Points.

Knowing where to place them is a non-trivial exercise that can be simplified using data and technology.

Case Study Details

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    Multiple Local Authorities
  • Location
    United Kingdom
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The Challenge

As the need for the deployment of Electric Vehicle charging points in public places gathers steam, so does the need to make data driven decisions about where best to place them. Ensuring that EV Charging points are placed where they can be most effective is a key decision criterion adopted by local authorities throughout the UK.

To achieve the best outcomes, large volumes of data must be brought together, processed, and analysed to understand movement patterns for every location including typical journey times, average distances driven and profiles for both residents and visitors. Once processed the insight rich data needs to be analysed to determine which locations offer the best outcomes for EV charging point placement.

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Increasing Precision & Impact

The Solution

Kogenta’s EV Charging Point Location Planning Solution is designed specifically to bring the required data together and process it correctly to build up the required profile for each location. The solution brings together social demographic, residential profile, vehicle ownership, EV adoption levels, existing infrastructure, on-street/off-street parking availability data and more. This data is combined with anonymised and aggregated movement data from a UK mobile telecommunications network to complete the picture.

The processed and enriched data is fed into the location intelligence engine that uses an AI-based weighted scoring system to assess the suitability of each location relative to a national standard. From here, it is a straightforward exercise to determine the most viable locations for EV charging point placement.

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Rich Detail, Priceless Insights

The Result

Based on objective criteria, the Kogenta EV Charging Point Location Planning Solution provides clear, prescriptive answers to the planning questions that were posed. The result has been highly successful rollout programs of EV charging points exactly where they are needed most. Taxpayer money has been effectively and efficiently spent on much needed infrastructure by the local authorities. What had previously been based largely on guess work and hence was inherently inefficient, is now a showcase example of effective data driven decision making, providing real value to the communities they serve.

The datasets that Kogenta provides as part of the solution have been built up over a significant number of years and are constantly being updated with new data. This means that emerging trends of EV usage growth in various locations are being identified early, thus helping the local authorities stay ahead of the game.

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