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Case Study

Nor-Way Bussekspress Leveraging Data to Optimise Services.

Nor-Way Bussekspress is a Norwegian intercity coach network, with lines between Kristiansand in the South, Namsos in the North, Trysil in the East, and Bergen in the West, with Oslo acting as the main hub. The lines are operated by several different companies, while marketed through Nor-Way Bussekspress AS, a company owned jointly by the operating companies.

Case Study Details

  • Client
    Nor-Way Bussekspress
  • Location
  • Year
    Since 2023

The Challenge.

Nor-Way was looking for an automated and effective solution to monitor the performance levels of bus operators’ by measuring the punctuality of the service provided to customers.  Nor-Way needed a consistent and reliable punctuality tracking and reporting solution to establish if the network of buses were on time, delayed, critically delayed, or arriving early.

Nor-Way owned a vast quantity of unstructured data that was not used effectively.  The solution Nor-way were looking for needed to be able ingest existing data and collect new data in real time from a range of disparate sources. The data then needed to be processed and enriched to prepare it for efficient querying. The data needed to be consistent and accurate. A visualisation tool was also needed to quickly understand the insights that the data provided.  

Nor-Way wanted to be in a position where they could use the data to measure the operator’s performance in a timely and consistent manner with the highest level of accuracy.

Kogenta MCV (Mobility Customer View)

The Solution.

Kogenta provided the Kogenta MCV (Mobility Customer View) product as the basis of the solution, and wrapped a Managed Service around it to provide Nor-Way with a turn-key solution. Kogenta MCV’s unique ability to create and collect the necessary data needed for the analysis makes use of the Kogenta’s KETL technology, a powerful engine for collecting, enriching, and preparing the data in such a way that meaningful insights can be easily generated.

Using GDPR compliant sources and processes, Kogenta MCV generates highly sophisticated data sets that have been proven to be of great value to Transport Planning, Mobility Strategy, Customer insights and experience and Finance departments within PTAs.

The relevant data sources were identified and the appropriate collection streams established. The context data was identified and sourced and the enrichment process configured and executed. Report formats were agreed and quickly configured in the product.

“I am very pleased with the MCV punctuality tracking and reporting capabilities from Kogenta.  By using real-time data it has provided a consistent view, and accurate insight, across the transport network to allow visibility of areas of success and also those that need to be addressed to maintain a great service for customers.”

Improved Punctuality

The Result.

Using  Kogenta Mobility Customer View (MCV) Nor-Way can now generate detailed and timely reports that provide visibility of the overall picture in terms of punctuality across all bus operators within the fleet. Additionally, the platform provides the ability to drill down on specific routes to see where and for whom the delays occur, and to what degree that affects punctuality overall.

This gives both Nor-Way and the operators the ability to investigate specific cases. As an example, if several buses on the same bus route are delayed when arriving at a particular stop, knowing they arrived on time at the previous stop, they can investigate as to why that is – was it perhaps construction work along the road that was the reason? While the report won’t tell you exactly why a bus is delayed, it still gives the user a great starting point when trying to understand why delays occur providing the transport operators greater visibility to act and ensure a good service for customers.

The insights that can now be generated were not previously available. Having them at hand means that problems can be identified and investigated immediately and either resolved or avoided sooner. The overall effect has been an improvement in both problem identification and overall punctuality as well as customer perception.

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