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Case Study

Future Proofed Programmatic Performance.

MiQ is a programmatic media partner that caters to the needs of marketers and agencies. The company specialises in connecting data from various sources to create innovative and effective solutions for its clients’ business challenges. Their primary goal is to ensure that clients’ media investments are allocated wisely, targeting the right areas with maximum impact.

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    Since 2022

The Challenge.

MiQ were one of the first programmatic companies to identify that geo-contextual data is the answer to targeting in the cookieless world.

MiQ needed to build on a programmatic strategy that would ensure powerful performance and adaptability in the post-cookie era. They sought to deliver outcomes that aligned with their clients’ objectives with the aim to effectively target the right audience and deliver engaging creative content through efficient buying channels.

Tapping into the Power of Geo-Contextual

The Solution.

MiQ subscribed to Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs), specifically to support this strategy. The Kogenta datasets provided invaluable insights into key areas in the UK market. This allows MiQ to leverage over 400 attributes that the KCIs provides to tailor their advertising efforts and achieve optimal results. The subscription encompassed several essential categories, including:

  • Residential Demographics
  • Workplace Demographics
  • Household Expenditure
  • Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I).

MiQ could enhance their targeting capabilities and create more impactful advertising campaigns to drive success in the cookieless environment.

The high granularity of Kogenta’s unique Household Expenditure (HHE) indices were a key factor in the value provided.  More recently, the expansion of the DE&I data has been influential. MiQ previously used 5 attributes in this data layer, but were able to expand this to over 100 through Kogenta’s product.

The KCIs are updated regularly and these updates are provided to MiQ on a scheduled basis.

“Kogenta’s sophisticated audience segmentation has been crucial to powering MiQ’s cookieless planning and activation suite, enabling us to navigate the evolving digital privacy landscape with ease. Leveraging their insights, we effectively target diverse segments driving client KPIs. This collaboration not only enhances our digital footprint in the UK but has helped identify trends in other emerging markets, uncover untapped audiences and optimise our marketing campaigns for maximum effectiveness.”

Pierre de Lannoy, Strategy Director, EMEA. MiQ

Enhanced Campaign Optimisation and Performance

The Result.

MiQ has reported increased efficiency and campaign performance. The amount of time needed to create accurate targeting has been significantly reduced as a result of using KCIs. Furthermore, as the KCIs are omnichannel-ready, further efficiencies and cost savings have been achieved due to the removal of the need for separate costly datasets and partners. Kogenta data is now a key pillar of the MiQ geo-contextual data strategy.

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