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Case Study

Revolutionising the CTV Advertising Landscape.

LightBoxTV is a technology company, dedicated to revolutionising the TV advertising landscape. By understanding the challenges faced by media buyers and advertisers in a fragmented ecosystem, they have built a platform from the ground up to address these specific challenges.  The advanced tools and unified solution streamline TV advertising for media buyers, providing them with the efficiencies they need to succeed. LightBoxTV has the goal to simplify the complex landscape of TV advertising.

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    Since 2023

The Challenge.

Connected TV is experiencing significant growth within the advertising and marketing space.  Despite this growth, there are still challenges in audience targeting including: limited data availability, fragmented data sources and inconsistent data quality.  LightBoxTV wanted to address these issues and find a solution to improve audience targeting, reduce wastage and increase trading efficiency.

The Power of Data in CTV

The Solution.

Kogenta established a significant partnership with LightBoxTV as one of their initial data partners. This collaboration allowed LightBoxTV to leverage Kogenta’s geo-contextual data by integrating Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs), for the UK, into their platform providing a comprehensive, accurate and reliable data source.

LightBoxTV also incorporated Kogenta’s Movement KCIs which are based on Mobile Network data that Kogenta’s platform has enriched to represent the movement patterns of various cohorts. This data has enabled a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and preferences.  

A key reason for selecting Kogenta was to provide geovisualisations from Kogenta Explorer to pair alongside the KCIs and Movement KCI datasets. This sets the platform apart from traditional data providers. The Kogenta indexed based approach, as opposed to the traditional fixed segments, increased flexibility to deliver more targeted audiences. 

“Kogenta’s geo-contextual solutions provide great insights and activation opportunities for CTV advertisers. By utilising Kogenta’s geo-contextual and mobility based indices we were able to improve campaign targeting, optimisation and post campaign analysis”

Mark Giblin, CEO, LightBoxTV

Rich Detail, Priceless Insights

The Result.

The integration of KCI and Movement KCIs was essential in the collaboration between Kogenta and LightBoxTV for their cookieless mobility-based solution for CTV advertising. LightBoxTV’s development team integrated the data into their data marketplace, enabling users to access and leverage this valuable contextual data.

An Example of Success

In a recent campaign for a well-known furniture brand wanted to improve CTV targeting by combining footfall and audience targeting.

With a combination of KCI and Movement KCIs, targeting was optimised to reach 1.5 million households in the UK with a high propensity to visit relevant furniture retail stores and spend on furniture. Post-campaign analysis provided valuable insights, including identifying stores with the highest and lowest footfall activity, enabling the retailer to refine their targeting and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Our close collaboration with LightBoxTV allowed us to be reactive and suggest a process that looked at not only post campaign reporting, but also mid campaign optimisation.

Going forward this data will highlight mobility patterns across points of interest allowing further insights for targeted advertising, campaign optimisation and success on an omnichannel basis.

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