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Case Study

Thriving in a Cookieless World.

As the industry’s leading team of omnichannel media performance experts in digital channels and platforms; GroupM teams are collectively responsible for the activation of more than two million campaigns managed each year. GroupM provides activation services and intelligence, enhanced by technology and AI that makes advertising more streamlined and work effectively.    

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The Challenge.

With the deprecation of third-party cookies on the horizon, GroupM were seeking a solution to adapt, and to thrive, within the cookieless world. Specifically, they were looking for a centralised platform that would support omnichannel planning, insights, and activation. The platform would need to host high quality geo-contextual data sets as well as provide the ability to ingest and leverage their own data effectively. The ability to powerfully visualise the data and insights in an easy and user-friendly manner was a key requirement.

Meeting the Complexity of Omnichannel Planning

The Solution.

GroupM evaluated and selected the Kogenta Explorer platform as the geospatial hub for their own data, along with Kogenta’s highly regarded Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) .

Kogenta’s flexible approach to partnerships enabled us to demonstrate the value of our products, starting with a Managed Service proposition and rapidly expanding to a self-service enterprise grade solution.  By scaling and utilising the relevant Kogenta products, GroupM is able to meet the growing and changing needs of the industry as it continues to rise to the challenge of a cookieless world. GroupM has successfully utilised the solution for their clients such as: M&S, Tesco, Shell etc.

Since the initial deployment, GroupM has continued to expand their usage of the Kogenta Explorer platform adding many more additional users, functional modules and additional KCI data sets. Furthermore, the platform is increasingly being used as the geospatial hub for other third-party data sets creating a wholly integrated approach to planning and activation.

Kogenta provided a quick and easy way for GroupM to enter the geo-contextual space. The Kogenta Explorer platform brought several benefits to GroupM and its agencies, including access to valuable KCIs from Kogenta as well as standalone and third party data assets, This enabled the creation of comprehensive and unique insights to deliver the results required to service their customers with well targeted advertising campaigns.  This enables more informed, data-driven decisions and development of effective strategies to optimise campaign performance based on the latest market insights.

“Kogenta Explorer has helped us to understand the scale and opportunity of our clients’ audiences and has helped us to traverse the impending cookieless environment.

From yearly planning strategies to regional incrementality tests, we can use Kogenta Explorer across a multitude of our functions. It not only provides insight but also enhances our client’s media activation to create more efficient campaigns.”

Senior Digital and Data Leader, GroupM

Rich Detail, Priceless Insights

The Result.

As part of this implementation, Kogenta trained the various GroupM teams – from analysts to planners and buyers. This was then expanded to an agency level and ‘Platform Champions’ were appointed at each agency. These champions are responsible for leading the platform access and training their respective teams, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making and maximising the benefits of Kogenta Explorer. Since the first year, platform usage has increased twenty-fold within GroupM and its agencies. This continues to grow.

Utilising the platform as a no-code, geospatial hub has delivered significant value by allowing users to not only use Kogenta data but also to take advantage of GroupM’s extensive data partnerships with benefits including:

  • Enhancing cookieless media activation to create more efficient campaigns
  • Winning client pitches for the agency
  • Improving the scale of audience creation, streamlining the process
  • Multifunction flexibility, facilitating omnichannel insights of planning and activation
  • Campaign scaling, driving performance, efficiency and results for agency clients.

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