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Case Study

Extending Campaign Addressability and Reach.

Emodo helps advertisers and publishers create memorable connections with consumers through more relevant, rewarding and impactful advertising. Its intelligent exchange puts creativity first, enabling advertisers to build brand love through rich, dynamic creative experiences informed by the latest AI and a deep understanding of consumer sentiment. Emodo’s next generation Advanced Native outperforms alternative programmatic solutions through a better approach to contextual relevance, creative personalisation and KPI optimisation. As an Ericsson company, Emodo benefits from a wide range of research, innovation, and access to mobile operators that helps it deliver better outcomes to clients and make the unimaginable possible.

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    Since 2021

The Challenge.

As signals such as cookies started to deprecate, Emodo needed an alternative solution to make their programmatic bidding on both the buy and sale side more scalable. The need was for a platform populated with contextual data that could extend reach and work with their client’s first party data sources, including telco data. Emodo operates globally and hence a centralised solution that supported data sets for multiple regions such as: UK, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Australia and Canada was required.

Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) with Geovisualisation

The Solution.

Emodo implemented the Kogenta Explorer platform pre-loaded with Kogenta Contextual Indices (KCIs) to address their needs. Starting with UK Data, they rapidly expanded with US Data and more recently rolled out on a global basis.

Kogenta’s heritage in geospatial data, alongside our index-based approach, is a key factor from a data perspective. This was further consolidated by being able to effectively pre-load these segments into the Kogenta Explorer platform and white label this product.

From an activation perspective, data is exported directly to the Emodo buy and sell side properties. This has led to a seamless integration. All of the data is available immediately to all that can benefit from access to it.

“Kogenta enables future proofed, advertising revenue growth through data enhanced media, without relying on cookies”

Scaling Audience Targeting

The Result.

Emodo has been able to scale their audience targeting opportunities through the ease of use of the Kogenta Explorer platform. Additionally, they have been able to win more briefs through the Kogenta Explorer platform’s unique, flexible data visualisation. The visualisation coupled with the inherent quality of the KCIs provides a means of making pitches more easily understood and hence more convincing.

Kogenta provides Emodo with workflow efficiencies. The made for media geovisualisation platform means they do not need to pursue, or allocate, tech resources of their own. The result is a greatly enhanced time to market.

Making use of Kogenta’s Managed Service has allowed Emodo to answer briefs that they previously weren’t able to. The expertise provided by Kogenta’s team augments Emodo’s own resources and provides flexibility and speed to create data layers at short notice.

User adoption within Emodo has been high due to the ease of use and clear positive impact the platform has had on Emodo’s ability to win and expand business. The longevity of our partnership is testament to the clear value that the platform and data sets are providing on a daily basis.

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