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Case Study

Best Positioning
Public E-Scooters

Tier is a leading e-scooter company in Europe, and their goal is to change mobility for good by focusing on sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Case Study Details

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    Stavavanger, Norway / Europe
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The Challenge

Mobility providers often develop an understanding of how and where their assets are being used based on existing infrastructure. However, to provide more efficient and accurate services it was important for Tier to understand people’s general movements beyond their present offerings.

The overall goal was to achieve an understanding of how and where Tier could increase their market share, supplement local transport services, increase citizen satisfaction and generate more usage.

Precision Data for Maximum Effect

The Solution

Together with Tier, Kogenta wanted to demonstrate and prove the benefits of utilising our data. We analysed the interactions between Tier data and Kogenta data to specify where to park the e-scooters for maximum effect.

By utilising our unique datasets we could assess questions like:

  • Where could people benefit from increased availability to micromobility?
  • Where do people have long “last mile journeys’? Meaning, where do they go home or to their end destination after using public transportation?

Kogenta’s technology assessed which public transport stops had the most traffic, compared with the distance to the nearest Tier asset, and we could then analyse and predict.

Rich Detail, Priceless Insights

The Result

After Tier received Kogenta’s analysis they parked e-scooters at new launching points.

The result was significant: one of the spots had 12 trips per e-scooter per day, and was top 10 internationally in the industry for a period of time.

The case was deemed a success based on increased revenue alone, but also due to the improved customer satisfaction for providing scooters in necessary locations.

Combining the two datasets, we experienced that it generated valuable insights for Tier, as well as for the municipality of Stavanger.

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