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Data-Driven Success

Customer Case Studies.

Effective business decisions require real insights, not just data. As a collaborative partner, Kogenta has worked with over 35 enterprises to provide the products, data and vital insights they need to stay ahead of critical business trends.

Read about the success that some of our customers have achieved with Kogenta in these case studies.


As the industry’s leading team of omnichannel media performance experts in digital channels and platforms; GroupM teams are collectively responsible for the activation of more than two million campaigns managed each year.

GroupM provides activation services and intelligence, enhanced by technology and AI that makes advertising more streamlined and work effectively.    

Emodo helps advertisers and publishers create memorable connections with consumers through more relevant, rewarding and impactful advertising. Its intelligent exchange puts creativity first, enabling advertisers to build brand love through rich, dynamic creative experiences informed by the latest AI and a deep understanding of consumer sentiment. Emodo’s next generation Advanced Native outperforms alternative programmatic solutions through a better approach to contextual relevance, creative personalisation and KPI optimisation. As an Ericsson company, Emodo benefits from a wide range of research, innovation, and access to mobile operators that helps it deliver better outcomes to clients and make the unimaginable possible.

LightBoxTV is a technology company, dedicated to revolutionising the TV advertising landscape. By understanding the challenges faced by media buyers and advertisers in a fragmented ecosystem, they have built a platform from the ground up to address these specific challenges.  The advanced tools and unified solution streamline TV advertising for media buyers, providing them with the efficiencies they need to succeed. LightBoxTV has the goal to simplify the complex landscape of TV advertising.

MiQ is a programmatic media partner that caters to the needs of marketers and agencies. The company specialises in connecting data from various sources to create innovative and effective solutions for its clients’ business challenges. Their primary goal is to ensure that clients’ media investments are allocated wisely, targeting the right areas with maximum impact.


Jernbanedirektoratet, the Norwegian Railway Directorate, is a government agency with the strategic responsibility for the Norwegian Railway Network. It was formed on the basis of the railway reform and became operational on 1 January 2017. The directorate is responsible for developing the railway as an integrated transport system. Their mandate is to create an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly railway network benefiting passengers and operators.

Nor-Way Bussekspress is a Norwegian intercity coach network, with lines between Kristiansand in the South, Namsos in the North, Trysil in the East, and Bergen in the West, with Oslo acting as the main hub. The lines are operated by several different companies, while marketed through Nor-Way Bussekspress AS, a company owned jointly by the operating companies.

Kolumbus is the premier mobility provider in Rogaland County, Norway.  Their aim is to make Rogaland a better place to live, through zero growth in private car traffic. They achieve this  by offering an innovative and customer centric public transport service.  Kolumbus works towards connecting all forms of transport so people can travel without the need to use their own cars. 

The bus and boat services are operated by companies on contract with Kolumbuswith a total of 450 buses, 10 speedboats and 3 ferries in service.  From Monday to Friday, there are 85,000 daily trips taken with Kolumbus