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The future of travel.

Be-Insight is a research project which aims to facilitate automated ticketing (‘Be-In, Be-Out’), and help the public transport industry to develop new and better business models.

The project sees Kogenta (the project owner) working with Kristiania University College (Høyskolen Kristiania), Ruter AS and Nordland County Council (Nordland Fylkeskommune). The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council (Forskningsrådet).

The project remit also includes better analysis of passenger behaviour and improved trip flow modelling for the mobility industry – insights which will enable industry players to improve their operation and service offerings.

The project uses and combines various technologies to accurately determine the position and movement of mobile phone users, but in a way that never compromises individual privacy.

Frictionless Public Transport Experience

Ticketless travel.

In the future of travel, passengers will enjoy a “ticket free” experience, as well as more reasonable pricing based on an actual number of stops, travel time or travel distance, as opposed to the current pricing structure – which is often perceived as unfair.

Research has shown that a reduction in complexity increases customer satisfaction and increases the number of travellers and trips. Hence, the innovation will lead to more people choosing public transport, which in turn will add sustainability benefits.

The research project started in March 2020, and will run until July 2022.

Be-in Be-out

Looking for the best viable solution

The Research Project Team.
Project Owner

Ulrik Prøitz

Project Manager

Anette Baarsrud

System Developer

Jarle Folkvord

System Developer

David Wahl

System Developer

Kissor Jeyabalan

Content Producer / Marketing

Janniche Adolfsen

PhD student and System Developer

Anders Skretting

Data Scientist

Herman Bergner

Kristiania University College – Høyskolen Kristiania.
Principal Investigator and Head of Academic Team

Tor-Morten Grønli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Elahe Fazeldehkordi


Raghava Mukkamala


Siri Fagernes

Ruter AS.
Advisor/Business developer

Christoffer Bølum

Nordland County Council – Nordland Fylkeskommune (Reis).

Mathias Lauritzen

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