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The Importance of Future Technologies

Advanced Research

Kogenta regards research and development as an important part of our business in order to keep providing solutions and products that simplify both business and day-to-day life.

The ability to adapt to customer needs is highly relevant, and even pressing with new traveling patterns due to flexible work/home offices. These changes are expected to remain also post-corona. A new model of working creates less pressure on public transport capacity, but also requires new thinking and offerings. Public transport providers need to understand how to adapt their services, and also have the opportunity to be more sustainable in the process.

Rich in Data, Rich in Insight


Kogenta is currently the project owner and manager of a Norwegian-based research project called Be-Insight. The project was originally started by fluxLoop, and lasts from March 2020 until June 2022.

The project contributors are; R&D partner Kristiania University College and PTA Ruter, along with Nordland County Municipality (incl. PTA Reis). The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council.

The project’s purpose is to enable automated ticketing (Be-In, Be-Out) and new business models in the public transport industry, through the use of smartphone sensors and machine learning. In addition to solving automated ticketing, the newly sought data will be of great value in improving travel flow, as well as for behavioral analysis. This will enable public transport providers to better optimise their service offerings.

Next generation pricing.

PTAs will be able to build new pricing structures. This can e.g. be payment for number of stops or distance, as opposed to the zone-based model which is most widely used. Many perceived the current models as unfair. For the traveler, this will lead to an improved travel experience, both in terms of more friction free travels, and more reasonable pricing.

We believe that smart and efficient public transport is a key ingredient in sustainable cities, and that the data we are collecting in the Be-Insight research project will provide a foundation. The need to understand how people move and travel will be imperative in order to build the best cities and public transport systems for the future.


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