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Behind the Brand

Creating Values.

Kogenta upholds the core value of fostering an inclusive and respectful environment. We firmly believe that if you feel happy and content in your work, then performance excels, ultimately contributing to a positive working environment supporting great outcomes for our clients.

Kogenta Values.

The company lives and thrives by upholding these values


Timing is of the essence in all we do.  We ensure we are dealing with things with urgency and responsiveness. This applies to dealing with customer needs as well as internal needs and requests of colleagues. We have a heartbeat running through our business that is about getting things done quickly.

Customer Centric 

The most valuable asset we have in Kogenta besides our people, are our customers. Without them, we have no business, no growth, no bonuses, and no salaries. Happy customers help us win new business, pay the bills and make us great. We work from a mindset of what is in the best interest of our customers.

Team Player 

We are more than just individuals doing a job. We are creating and building something together. We hope to be able to look back one day and say “I was part of building a really useful company that moved the world forward in a small way”.  We help other members in the team achieve their goals and our collective success is your success.

Treat Everyone in a Respectful Way

We promote great debates, and argue our points logically and thoughtfully. Demonstrable facts and evidence carry more weight than opinions alone. The best decisions are made that way. But we always treat each other with respect (inside and outside of the company) and never get personal when debating a point.

Company Oriented

We take pride in Kogenta. We are trying to achieve something good and promoting the business whenever we can. We are proud to represent Kogenta well and are passionate about making the organisation better. This is more than just a job to us all.

Openness to Change

The one thing that is certain is that we need to keep evolving the business to adapt and grow. This means that change is always happening.  We are open and flexible to change and recognize that change is necessary and work to embrace it rather than obstruct it.

Reaching New Heights

Growth Culture.

At Kogenta everyone has a voice.

Our commitment to open communication across all departments ensures a deep understanding of one another and our products, leading to exceptional outcomes for our clients.  We prioritise creating an environment where we can all feel valued and recognised, and we take the time to celebrate our collective achievements.

This atmosphere of trust and openness enables us to challenge each other and embrace diverse avenues of personal growth.  We wholeheartedly applaud knowledge development and self-improvement at every step.

Spending time together