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Data Scientist

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Job Description
Data Scientist

LOCATION: Oslo, Norway

You are a Data Scientist,
– but are you an innovator?

At Kogenta, we are forging tools for rapidly growing data industries. We innovate to create novel tools that harness sources of data that are only now achieving maturity. The prospect of growth and evolution within these datasets and technologies have never been more opportune.

Consequently, we are not just developers – we are innovators! Our ambition is to propel the industry forward by crafting tools that were previously unattainable, owing to recent strides in cloud technology, machine learning and multiple data sources.

Do you aspire to be part of this expedition? Come and unite with us!

We are seeking a Data Scientist with expertise in machine learning.

At Kogenta, we are constructing a platform to handle some of the most expansive communication datasets available. In a swiftly expanding sector, our product’s scale and influence are growing to fulfil this demand. As a result, we are thrilled to expand our team and are actively seeking an enthusiastic Data Scientist to join our ranks.

Our data team is a multidisciplinary cohort, uniting product development, data engineering, data science, machine learning, and data analysis in a single collective. Through close collaboration with diverse teams and stakeholders within the organisation, we possess the liberty to innovate and experiment, creating premium-quality, privacy-conscious location data insights that have the power to revolutionise the industries for the better. Specifically for the role we are offering, you will be tasked with the enhancement and creation of tools in active deployment capable of contextualising raw geolocation and smartphone sensor data. You will also be an important contributor to our research and development of a technology which will enable true automated ticketing for public transport – “Uber for public transportation”.

Our emphasis is on smartphone sensor data, telco data and app data, prioritising anonymization and privacy, ensuring data remains within the customer’s control (thus maintaining security).

This role offers a hybrid on-site arrangement (2-3 days per week at our Oslo office, or more if desired!).

Our central office resides in Akersgata, in the heart of Oslo. Here, we convene weekly with our international colleagues for both work and camaraderie. Our inviting office places emphasis on comfort, a sentiment that permeates the environment. Being a part of Kogenta equates to joining a convivial and efficient workspace, brimming with opportunities for personal and professional advancement.

Your Daily Responsibilities

● Explore, analyse, and process datasets with the potential to enhance our models and products.
● Apply data science techniques, including causal inference, machine learning modeling, and data cleaning, to understand and predict human behavior using diverse data sources.
● Investigate the impact and relationships (correlation and causation) of various contextual factors on human mobility.
● Research and stay updated on cutting-edge methods for processing geospatial and smartphone sensor data.
● Effectively communicate your findings and insights to the team and across the organisation.
● Contribute to the development and expansion of our location knowledge base.
● Propose solutions ready for production and actively participate in building and maintaining commercial data products. Collaborate closely with our data engineering team to deploy these solutions.
● Analysing data and developing ML based models for use within automated ticketing solutions for public transportation.
● Continuously enhance existing processes and brainstorm innovative ones to drive progress and efficiency.

Qualities We Value

● You possess a positive and proactive demeanour, capable of independently tackling challenges while being a cooperative and effective team member.
● You have a solid grasp of applied statistics and some practical experience in this domain.
● Your knowledge extends to machine learning algorithms and other key data science principles.
● You exercise critical thinking when selecting methods and interpreting outcomes.
● You are proficient in Python and Scala for data processing, enabling you to navigate and manipulate data effectively in Apache Spark on Databricks.
● You possess the ability to weave narratives with data, enjoy visualising your discoveries, and excel at explaining intricate concepts in a straightforward manner.
● Proficiency and comfort in English (our company’s primary language) are second nature to you.

Additional Experience that´s a Plus

● Experience with geospatial data.
● Familiarity with Natural Language Processing and language models (such as GPT and Palm).
● Knowledge of graph neural networks.
● Exposure to Bayesian statistics.
● Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and/or MS Azure.
● Basic competence in Software and Data Engineering, including Git and Airflow.

Our Expectations of You

● A positive outlook, coupled with a “can do” attitude, enabling you to surmount challenges alongside your team.
● In the fast-paced startup environment, agility and proactivity are essential attributes on this journey.
● Given our daily product usage by customers, occasional on-call availability may be necessary.
● Embrace your role and approach your responsibilities with a blend of dedication and enjoyment (aligned with Kogenta’s guiding principles).
● You possess a passion for continuous learning and personal growth.
● Given our startup environment, you’re adaptable, proactive, and ready to embrace rapid changes on this exciting journey.
● As our product is actively used by customers on a daily basis, occasional on-call availability may be necessary.

Deliveries you will work on:


Kogenta has researched and developed a unique technology which is capable of understanding what type of transportation vehicle you are using in real time. This is done by looking at patterns from your smartphone sensors.

We need to further understand, explore and research these capabilities to enable true Be-in, Be-out ticketing solutions for public transportation. In essence this is Uber for public transport where the end result is a more friction free travel experience where payment is removed from the experience while still generating revenue and data which can be further used to optimise the public transport service.

Currently we are piloting the product in Sweden together with Nobina and we are exploring other pilots to be conducted during 2023 and 2024. Your contribution would be to further develop the machine learning models and optimise the data processing which is being conducted on the device in real time.

Statistical model for railway

Kogenta is delivering a statistical model calculating how many train travelers who are conducting train trips every day in Norway. We need to further develop and adjust this model going forward. We are using data from people counters on some of the trains together with other available data sources.

Product development

We are delivering many different products within the space of mobility and advertisement. Our products are in constant development and your contribution to this development is essential for our future success. Especially how you suggest how data should be understood and how we can monetise these data as products and services will be an important contribution to the team who works on business development.


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