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Data Engineer

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Job Description
Data Engineer

LOCATION: Oslo, Norway


Are you a Data Engineer who’s also an innovator? At Kogenta, we’re shaping tools for the rapidly growing data industries. We’re not just developers; we’re innovators aiming to advance the industry by creating groundbreaking tools, leveraging recent advances in cloud technology, machine learning, and data sources.

Position Overview

We’re seeking a Data Engineer with SDK development experience to join our team. Kogenta is building a platform to handle extensive communication datasets. In this rapidly expanding sector, our product’s scale and impact are growing, and we need your expertise to meet the demand.

About Us

Our data team is multidisciplinary, encompassing product development, data engineering, data science, machine learning, and data analysis. We collaborate closely with diverse teams and stakeholders, allowing us the freedom to innovate and experiment. Our focus is on creating high-quality, privacy-conscious location data insights, particularly in Census, Telco, and App data, prioritizing data anonymization and security.


This role offers a hybrid on-site arrangement (2-3 days per week at our Oslo office, with flexibility for more if desired). Our central office is located in Akersgata, in the heart of Oslo, providing a vibrant and comfortable workspace.

Your Responsibilities

● Develop innovative tools for the Kogenta ETL Platform, capable of processing and contextualizing large volumes of location-specific data.
● Improve existing processes and generate novel concepts.
● Identify and implement areas where machine learning workflows can optimize product capabilities.
● Craft efficient and adaptable SQL queries integrated into data pipelines to address emerging challenges.

Who We’re Looking For

● Bachelor’s degree or higher in Data Science or a related field.
● Minimum of 2 years of Data Science experience, ideally involving machine learning in production.
● Demonstrable proficiency in Python and/or Scala, in addition to SQL for data processing
● Experience with the notebook approach of platforms like Databricks
● Hands-on experience with machine learning in deployed products.
● Exceptional communication skills and fluency in English.
● A positive influencer who is adaptable, curious, and enthusiastic about collaboration.
● A passion for tackling challenges and deriving insights from data.

Preferred Qualifications (Nice to Have)

● Comfort with Java and Python.
● Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
● Foundational Data Engineering skills
● Experience with geospatial data.

Most Relevant Technologies

● Python
● Scala
● Java
● Git
● Apache Spark
● Databricks
● Visualization tools:, matplotlib, +

Our Expectations

● A positive attitude and a “can-do” spirit to overcome challenges as a team.
● Adaptability and proactivity in the fast-paced startup environment.
● Willingness for occasional on-call availability due to daily product usage by customers.

Deliveries you will work on


Kogenta has researched and developed a unique technology which is capable of understanding what type of transportation vehicle you are using in real time. This is done by looking at patterns from your smartphone sensors.

We need to further understand, explore and research these capabilities to enable true Be-in, Be-out ticketing solutions for public transportation. In essence this is Uber for public transport where the end result is a more friction free travel experience where payment is removed from the experience while still generating revenue and data which can be further used to optimise the public transport service.

Currently we are piloting the product in Sweden together with Nobina and we are exploring other pilots to be conducted during 2023 and 2024. Your contribution would be to further develop and implement new ways of using Machine Learning and data processing to our SDK and back end. A data scientist would be responsible for the ML models which will be developed and tuned.

Data Flow and Integrations

As a Data Engineer specializing in Data Flow and Integrations at Kogenta, you’ll be at the forefront of our mission to continually enhance and expand our platform’s features and integrations. We are dedicated to optimizing our data processing and integration pipelines for efficiency and resilience.

Your role as a Data Engineer is pivotal in achieving this objective. You will spearhead the development and maintenance of data pipelines, ensuring the seamless flow of high-quality data. Your contributions will be instrumental in enabling us to deliver exceptional products and services to our valued customers.


If you have an interest in, or experience with, SDK and app development you will be incentivised to help our SDK developers with their work on our Kettle SDK with its unique features and data creation.

Product development

We are delivering many different products within the space of mobility and advertisement. Our products are in constant development and your contribution to this development is essential for our future success. Especially how you suggest how data should be understood and how we can monetise these data as products and services will be an important contribution to the team who works on business development.


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